Bauer Professional

Facial Cleansing Brush


The Rechargeable Cleaning Massage Brush from Bauer is perfect for yourself or is such a practical but cute gift.
  • SILICONE FACIAL CLEANSER– This vibrating facial cleansing massage brush has 4 major functions and is the perfect skincare tool to remove dirt and blackheads from your face, exfoliate and massage your skin as well as boost blood flow and circulation to wrinkle prone areas.
  • 3 BRUSH TYPES – This face cleansing aid features 3 varying brush types. The tiny brush gently cleans delicate areas, the top coarse brush cleans oil prone areas such as the t-zone and the back coarse brush deeply cleans and provides the massage function.
  • ADJUSTABLE VIBRATING SPEEDS – This facial cleanser brush features 5 adjustable vibrating speeds. The highest frequency sonic pulses allow for the removal of dirt, oils and makeup residues, whilst the lowest frequency pulses boosts blood circulation in wrinkle prone areas, increasing the production of collagen and elastin to restore the skin's firmness and elasticity.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – This ultrasonic facial cleanser is handbag sized and extremely lightweight allowing for it to be used daily without becoming a burden. It is also waterproof against short durations of water immersion, as well as being fully rechargeable thanks to the built in USB cable port.