Ferrograd C 325mg/500mg

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Ferrograd C is an iron supplement used to prevent and treat iron-deficiency anaemia and vitamin C deficiency when the two are present together.

The added vitamin C helps the body to absorb the iron.

A controlled release system in the tablet allows release of the iron over several hours and reduces the likelihood of stomach irritation. The controlled release system consists of a harmless plastic honeycomb with thousands of narrow passages containing iron. As the tablet passes through the stomach and gut the iron is released and the empty honeycomb is passed out in the stools.

What FERROGRAD C Tablets contain: Each Ferrograd C tablet contains Dried Ferrous Sulphate 325 mg (equivalent to 105 mg elemental iron) as the active ingredient in a controlled release Gradumet form and Vitamin C 500 mg (Ascorbic Acid), as sodium ascorbate.