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Green Angel Body Lotion & Argan Oil Set

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Give your skin the hydration it needs with Green Angel Argan Oil and Body Lotion combo. The Argan Oil offers a deep hydration after showering, shaving or tanning. Follow up with the Body Lotion to really lock in moisture to the skin.

Winter means that your skin faces the elements every day, between wind and rain, it can leave skin feeling dry. Use the Argan Oil first as you step out of a bath or shower and massage it on to damp skin. Allow time for it to work its magic as it soaks into the skin. Follow up with Green Angel’s calming Body Lotion to really lock in the moisture.

The rich Argan Oil helps to deeply penetrate the skin, giving maximum hydration to the skin. The cooling Body Lotion then helps to lock in the oil, as well as nourish those all-important top layers of the skin.