SOSU by Suzanne Jackson

SOSU Luxury Individual Lashes

€5,00 €7,95

SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Luxury Lashes - Individual Lashes are cruelty-free, synthetic lashes in 3 different lengths so you can create your perfect lash look.

Why you need it:
SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Luxury Lashes - Individual Lashes let you create your own individual lash look. SOSU Individual Lashes allow complete customisation. With three different length lashes, each cluster is dense and volumising for a buildable look.

- Jet Black Lashes 
- Cluster buds for easy application
- Completely cruelty free, synthetic fibres

Note: Eyelash glue is not included with SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Luxury Lashes - Individual Lashes. SOSU by Suzanne Jackson GLU Eyelash Adhesive is available separately.

What's included:
30 pieces in 3 different lengths
Each row contains 10 clusters at 10mm, 12mm and 14mm