Seven Seas

Seven Seas Omega-3 Fish Oil Plus Cod Liver Oil + Magnesium 60s

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Magnesium for:

    • Tiredness & Fatigue
    • Bones
    • Energy
    • Muscles

Seven Seas Omega-3 Fish Oil Plus Cod Liver Oil with Magnesium supports:
    • Tiredness & Fatigue: Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    • Bones: Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
    • Energy: Magnesium contributes to energy release
    • Muscles: Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function

Not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or those with a fish allergy

Suitable for

Suitable for adults and children over 12 years

How to use

Take one Omega-3 capsule (red packet) and one Magnesium tablet (blue packet) a day with a cold drink.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Each pack features a helpful "days of the week" guide to assist you in remembering to take your supplements every day.