Sona MultiPlus Junior Chewable Multivitamin

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All Nutrients Have Important Functions In Your Body And Are Needed In The Right Amounts
For Various Reasons, A Child May Not Be Attaining The Right Amount From Their Diet
Reasons For This Can Include Eliminating Certain Foods Out Of Their Diet Through Choice Or Through Clinical Recommendation Or Poor Nutritional Intake Due To Poor Appetite Or Fussy Eating
A Multivitamin/ Multimineral For Children Can Help Ensure That Nutritional Requirements Are Met In Combination With Dietary Intake Which Helps To Promote Healthy Growth And Development At This Important Stage
Sona Multiplus Junior Chewable Tablets Provide A Comprehensive Supply Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals Which Are Important For Growing Bodies
Calcium And Vitamin D Are Needed For Normal Growth And Development Of Bone In Young Children
Iodine Contributes To Normal Growth And Iron Is Important For The Normal Cognitive Development Of Children

30 tablets