Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabanna The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense

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Mysterious and enticing, The Only One Intense Eau de Parfum from Dolce & Gabbana captures the room’s attention. Housed in a sleek black bottle, elegant yet understated, this fragrance seduces the senses, symbolizing the indefinable allure of a confident woman. Drawing you in, the fragrance opens with the fresh notes of Mandarin and Apple, enhancing the cologne with an exhilarating aroma. Diving into the heart, a seamless blend of Orange Blossom, Coconut and Jasmine intensifies the perfume, creamy and comforting. Finally, the enigmatic base of Dark Vanilla and Cedarwood creates a captivating aura, enveloping the skin with its mesmerizing scent.